Geographically distributed businesses are demanding the speed and characteristics of local area networks with the benefits of wide area networks for moving data between corporate locations. This is particularly true for companies who implement laptop backup solutions – they want to enable intelligent global usage of bandwidth for large deployments while offering robust backup options for employees in remote office locations.


Used in conjunction with Datacastle RED, QuickCaches are smart centrally managed data caches which are easily installed on endpoints, in the cloud and in physical locations. QuickCaches allow geographically distributed enterprises to manage bandwidth consumption and decrease time-to-protection while backing up laptop data.

QuickCaches deliver:

  • Accelerated time to protection –reduce backup times by 10x via high speed LANs
  • Accelerated recovery speed – lost data is quickly restored from a local QuickCache over the LAN
  • Bandwidth management  –  manage when backups travel across the corporate network between QuickCaches and the Central Vault for optimal network access for your employees
  • Multi-site flexibility  & security –   encrypted and centrally managed QuickCaches can be placed at any/all company locations
  • Ease of deployment – send QuickCaches pre-installed on NAS devices to remote locations or easily install remotely

With QuickCaches, you don’t’ have to choose between network performance and delivering a valuable data-intensive service to geographically distributed employees.

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1 laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

Source: Gartner

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